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Trisodium Orthophosphate Anhydrous Food Additive TSP

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Trisodium Orthophosphate Anhydrous Food Additive TSP

Molecular formula:Na3PO4.12H2O

Molecular weight:380.14

CAS No.: 10101-89-0

EINECS No.: 231-509-8

H.S CODE:28352910


White or colorless granular crystal, easily weathered, soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents, aqueous solution is alkali reaction, pH value of 1% aqueous solution is 12.1, relative density is 1.62, melting point is 73.4 ℃.


In the food industry, it plays an important role in improving the quality of meat, such as maintaining the water holding capacity of meat and enhancing the cohesion of meat, so as to reduce the loss of nutrients in meat and preserve the tenderness of meat, It is also used as emulsifier, nutrition supplement dosage and quality improver in food processing. It is also used as raw material for preparing alkaline water for pasta. It is also used for refining granulated sugar and manufacturing α - starch. It is also used as detergent for food bottles and cans.

Executive Standards

25kg, 50kg, 1000kg, inner plastic and outer woven bags. Store in a well ventilated, dry and clean place.

IndexFood grade
Content %≥98.0
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)%≥18.3
Methyl orange alkalinity(Na2O)15.5-19
Sulphate %≤0.5
Heavy metal(Pb)%≤0.001
Water-insoluble %≤0.10